Public Matter is a series of images representing some aspects of human behaviour, society and social injustice. I use different lighting techniques to isolate and abstract bodies as metaphors of mental health status and issues present nowadays. Some of which are fed by my experiences as a camp queer person raised in a catholic and oppressive environment. 

As a part of a societal and digital age that’s addicted to validation, success, fame and money, I see myself and my LGBTQ+ community falling into a cycle of drugs, sex and social media technology, in an attempt to fill up the emptiness, loneliness and frustrations many of us experience. 


- Finalist/Winner of Black and White competition - LensCulture 2024

- Winner of Portraits of Britain 2022 and POB Volume 5 British Journal of Photography and Hoxton Minidress.

- Special mention in “PH Museum” Awards April 2022.

-Special mention in “Neutral Density” Awards Dec 2021.

-Special mention in “Monochrome” Awards Nov 2021.
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